Barite Cluster~ CRBARC01

$ 20.00

Barite Cluster~ CRBARC01. Barite provides a smooth, clear connection to the higher worlds, aiding the inward journeyer in discovering the many mansions of the spiritual realms. It is a stone of one-dimensional travel, allowing those who meditate or dream with it to discover new worlds, not in order to escape from earthly life, but to enrich it. It also assists in maintaining contact with the higher self, thereby enhancing the peacefulness and wisdom of one’s words and actions. It is a stone for “bringing Heaven to Earth” through one’s own being, or perhaps it is better to say that it helps open one’s eyes to the fact that Heaven is already here on Earth, co-existing with the mundane world which one has been hypnotized to believe is the whole story. It helps remove the blinders that can keep one from experiencing even the sorrows of life with joy. Working with barite in dreamwork can give one a stunningly beautiful symbolic picture of how synchronistic patterns are unfolding for oneself. Throughout history, spiritual geniuses have maintained that the purpose of human adult life, especially in later years, is the exploration of higher worlds. Barite can facilitate such exploration. Upon these inner journeys, one may encounter angels, spirit guides, and even the archetypal entities referred to as “Gods” in ancient times. One may see divine landscapes of breathtaking beauty and geometric corridors of fantastic lattices of Light. Barite helps link one to one’s highest purpose. In the process, one must release any aspects of one’s life no longer aligned with one’s highest self. This can create a deep cleansing on all levels of one’s life- particularly where one has been resisting change or release due to fear of assuming one’s full power or spiritual destiny. It can assist one in releasing attachment to the forms or structures of one’s life that are based in fear ( such as continuing in a job one hates because one is afraid of losing the paycheck). It generates a sense of excitement about manifesting one’s spiritual purpose, combined with a willingness to do what it takes to accomplish that goal. 85mm x 55mm x 27mm

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