Bamboo Jasper Snail Carving~CRBAMJSN

$ 32.00

Bamboo Jasper Snail Carving~CRBAMJSN. Bamboo Jasper, also known as Bamboo Leaf Jasper is a conglomerate of sandstone structures in a silica matrix with an appearance resembling bamboo leaves. It holds a gentle and relaxing energy, promoting tranquility and healing. As a highly protective and healing stone Bamboo Jasper works well for professional healers (like counselors, therapists, reiki practitioners, life coaches, etc.) as it helps to maintain balance and prevents burn-out. Snail has an impressive history as a symbol throughout the world for fertility, slow and determined movement, life’s progress, and the sacred space of the home. Much of this meaning begins with the Snail’s shell. A Snail’s shell is its mobile house and security system. Inside this haven, the Snail’s soft body has protection. Snails carry their shell throughout life, giving them associations with travel, shelter, security, adaptation, and autonomy. We see reverence toward the Snail’s shell in a variety of cultures because it’s an entrancing spiral. In Egypt, the Spiral represented spiritual and conscious expansion. Aztec art depicts the Moon God, Tēcciztēcatl, as living comfortably within a snail’s shell, providing Snail with ties to lunar, cyclic, and transitional energy. Old European observations of the Snail’s horns appearing outside their shell after rain created beliefs of Snail having some power over the weather (or weather awareness) and crop fertility. 71mm x 30mm x 37mm

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