Avalokiteshvara Statue

$ 65.00

Avalokiteshvara Resin Statue~Avalokiteshvara is a deity for purifying one’s mind from the veils of all obscuration, thereby sowing the seed of love and compassion in oneself. Avalokiteshvara’s devotion to helping others is understood to be limitless, and to many Buddhists he is seen as embodying the compassion of all Buddhas. According to certain Buddhist texts, the deity took a vow to postpone his own enlightenment until all blades of grass and grains of sand have become enlightened; only then will he transcend this material realm to become a Buddha. In China, the deity is known as Guanyin (Kuan Yin) , and for several centuries has been depicted in both male and female forms. The fluid gender of this deity in a number of Buddhist cultures has been the subject of copious research in Asia and beyond, but may best be explained as a consequence of his freedom to assume any form to respond to the many needs of followers. Many Chinese Guanyin figures have a graceful feminine appearance, but are either considered male or without gender. However, from around the 12th century onwards in China, the deity became associated with a princess named Miaoshan, a figure in an ancient tale who demonstrated tremendous compassion. From this period, female figures of Guanyin became very popular, with some renderings depicted the deity with prominent breasts and cradling a baby, representing her power to give and protect children. 145mm x 122mm x 70mm

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