Auralite 23 Pendant~JSSAURA3

$ 45.00

Sterling Silver Auralite 23 Pendant~JSSAURA3. Auralite-23 is  a very rare blend of crystals and the only locality in existence is the place of its initial discovery, north of Lake Superior in Ontario, Canada. The name is derived from the 23 minerals that are contained within the chemical composition of minerals from this mine (the main being an Amethyst base with inclusions within). While not all crystals from this mine contain them all, they have all been naturally “programmed” with them all through the Law of Resonance. It brings soothing energies that one feels going through ones body. It resonates with Kundalini energy, the energies directly resonate with your chakra column, and allow for complete alignment and reconciliation amongst your entire internal system. They are a reminder to take time out for yourself and embrace those sacred minutes for all of the healing and rejuvenation you need. It strongly encourages us to make self-care a priority and to be much kinder to ourselves. You are your biggest ally and can do anything you set your heart and mind too. Embrace who you are and your new and ever-growing heights. It grants its life-changing properties once the user fully releases resistance and embraces the necessary inner changes. It helps us to see alternative paths, and to use our head, both intuitively and logically, to protect our heart from undue danger. It releases us from prejudices and unnecessary judgement and asks us to be equally compassionate towards others. It reminds us to look around and see the many blessings in our current life. It further encourages us to meet each experience with a desire to be the best version of ourselves possible in that moment. 34mm x 17mm x 6mm

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