Aqua Aura, Moonstone & Blue Topaz Pendant~ JAQAUR02

$ 50.00

Aqua Aura & Moonstone Pendant~ JAQAUR02. Aqua Aura is natural clear quartz treated with gold through a process known as “vapor deposition”. It blends the high vibration Crown Chakra energy of the quartz with the fiery solar plexus chakra energy of gold, turning blue, bring in the throat chakra energy. It activates the throat chakra, enhancing communication regarding one’s personal truth. It is said to empower one to feel, manage, and understand one’s emotions. It is thought to help one establish conscious contact, and enable communication through that channel. It is said to transmute negative energy into positive, and then use that energy to clear the conflict or karma that created the negativity to begin with. Moonstone is a stone of new beginnings- a clean slate-a fresh start- a go with the flow energy. It is also a stone of the Goddess, the Divine Feminine. It is said to assist one in understanding one's feelings, their origins and meanings. It is a stone of intuition and psychic abilities, and assists past life regressions and soul retrieval. It reminds us to celebrate the cycles, rites of passage, and milestones of our life, and that every "ending" is also a new beginning. Blue Topaz is a stone of true love and success in all endeavors, can provide confidence in trusting ones decisions, It acts to replace negativity with love and joyfulness. It is quite helpful in visualization( for healing and or attracting), in meditation, and in projection. It can stimulate the throat chakra such that one may consciously, succinctly, and clearly verbalize that which one desires to manifest and/or that which one desires to communicate. 41mm x 12mm x 17mm

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