Angelite Moon~CRANMOON

$ 15.00

Angelite Moon~CRANMOON. Angelite (Blue Anhydrite) is a stone of guardian angels. It is considered a stone of serenity, guidance, intuition, and benevolence. It is said to help one help one tune into past lives information and to the akashic records. It is said to assist one in releasing resentment and grudges. It is considered a stone of self worth and self acceptance. It is believed to help us to conquer the fear that keeps us from unlocking blocks in our lives. It resonates with the crown, throat chakra, and third eye chakra. It is useful for people who have difficulty in coming to terms with incarnation. It helps you to be more compassionate and accepting, especially of that which cannot be changed. Avg. size 95mm x 61mm x 17mm

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