Angel Aura Druzy Agate Moon~CRADAM04

$ 20.00

Angel Aura Druzy Agate Moon~CRADAM04. Angel Druzy Agate brings has a lower intensity & vibrates to a slower frequency than other stones, highly stabilizing & strengthening influence, excellent for balancing emotional, physical & intellectual energy, harmonizing yin & yang, encourage security and self confidence, enhances creativity, meditating with these stones, one can easily move beyond the body and go to one’s “inner temple”, can bring remembrance of past incarnations & insights into one’s spiritual purpose, a stone of attunement to beauty, helps one be a beacon of inner beauty , peace, and spiritual awareness during one’s journey in this world, used for aura and chakra clearing, removing “cords”, limiting beliefs, wrong mental attitudes & unspoken psychic contracts, a "stone of happy dreams and changes", used to provide a connection to the stars, facilitating communications between the Earth plane and the "star people. 60mm x 52mm x 19mm

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