Angel Blue Feather Quartz Pendant~JABFQPSS

$ 12.00

Stainless Steel Angel Blue Feather Quartz Pendant~JABFQPSS.  Blue Angel Feathers Quartz is a rare variety of included quartz. They are commonly known as "Blue Angel Feathers Quartz" due to the inclusions sometimes having a wispy effect resembling wings. It is a stone of Angelic Realm Connection and Shadow Work Healing. It  awakens ones connection to the Angelic Realms, Third Eye, Crown Chakra,  and expands conscious awareness. It protects energy sensitive empaths from being overwhelmed by the energy of others. The “feather” effect is due to a cloud of wavelength-sized particles of either liquid or gas arranged on (now internal) growth planes of the original Quartz crystal, scattering light in what is known as the Tyndall effect. This phenomenon is also why smoke can sometimes appear blue. Other sources claim the inclusions can be Actinolite, Tremolite and/or Hornblende. One (1) Stainless Steel Angel Blue Feather Quartz Pendant. Avg. size 30mm x 17mm x 11mm

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