Ancestralite Tumbled~TUMANCES

$ 3.00

Ancestralite Tumbled~TUMANCES. Ancestralite (Martite in Hematite) is an ally for Family Constellation work, ensuring that toxic karmas & attitudes do not carry into future generations, a stone of clearing, grounding, healing, karma, & protection, clears energy & grounds it at the same time, making it suited to ancestral healing, clears the generic ancestral line of trauma, dramas, attitudes, ingrained emotions, soul contracts & imperatives passed down the family tree for generations, while preserving soul learning, renegotiates & releases soul contracts & vows or promises made in previous lives, in grids it sends healing far back into the family past and out into future generations. One (1) Tumbled Ancestralite. Avg size 22mm x 23mm  x 19mm

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