Amethyst Phantom Crystals~CRAPHM19

$ 36.00

Amethyst Phantom Crystals~CRAPHM19. Amethyst Phantom Crystals are particularly focused on the spiritual aspects of ones past lives, and the different chapters of ones spiritual life in this incarnation, bringing awareness, acknowledgment, & compassion for ones past growth, and guidance moving forward on ones spiritual path, symbolizes universal awareness, acts to bring together the participants of humanity to save, to renew, & to facilitate the spiritual health of the planet, can assist one in meeting & conversing with a personal spiritual guide, a stone of spiritual connection, said to bring peace and serenity, & transmutes & recycles the energy of lower vibration emotions like fear, anger, & envy into usable energy, in Greek mythology amethyst was considered a "stone of sobriety". 122mm x 44mm x 38mm

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