Amblygonite Crystal~CRAMBLY3

$ 21.00

Amblygonite Crystal~CRAMBLY3. Amblygonite is another lithium bearing mineral (as are lepidolite, pink tourmaline & green tourmaline, petalite, sugilite, & kunzite). Amblygonite excellent for bringing one’s emotional body into balance for the liberation of one’s innate creative energies. Many individuals feel called to do creative work in artistic fields, such as writing, music, dance and so forth, but are hindered by blockages that stem from the emotional areas. One may feel inadequate to manifest one’s dreams, or perhaps a past wound or trauma has created a fixation that blocks one’s progress. Using amblygonite can assist one in finding the peace and inner clarity necessary to do creative work. It can help one do the necessary work to make one’s dreams come true. This mineral is very high in lithium so it is very calming and soothing to the emotional body. It also assists those who resist their own power due to negative power models or examples from their past. 56mm x 41mm x 25mm

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