Amazonite Carved Panther~ CRACARV2

$ 65.00

Amazonite Carved Bird ~ CRACARV1. “Embracing the unknown” is the message of Panther! Symbolizing our shadow selves, Panther’s keen vision cuts through the dark of night to reveal the light of truth within. In Maya tradition, panther stalks the darkness, the space for seeking and discovering answers, for healing, and for accessing wisdom. Panther works with us through dreamtime, teaching us to become fearless trackers on our paths of self-discovery. Embracing the Unknown means we are able to release our worries about the future, and reminds us to be in the flow of every moment as the Great Mystery is unfolding exactly as it should. The only real obstacles on our paths are the barriers we build for ourselves, and Panther asks us to keep peace and trust in our hearts as we move forward with ease. Today, listen to the message from Panther that asks you to simply BE. When the time to leap into the Unknown arrives, you will be ready to pounce! Amazonite is a stone of personal truth, communicating this truth, and in setting the boundaries to maintain this truth. It opens and clears the throat chakra, empowering us in manifesting our dreams, desires, and intentions  through the power of the spoken word. From this centered-self (rather than self-centered) place, we can have the confidence to identify, acknowledge, own, and share our gifts and talents with the world. 59mm x 38mm x 12mm. Natural Color

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