Almandine Garnet Sphere- CRGARSPH

$ 65.00

Almandine Garnet Sphere- CRGARSPH Garnet has been used as a sacred stone by the Native American Indians, the South American Indians, the Aztecs, the African tribal elders, and the Mayans. It is quite helpful in moods of abandonment, allowing one to realize that surrender to discontinuity brings freshness to ones life. Garnet helps one change ones world by producing both expansiveness in awareness and manifestation. It enhances ones internal fire, bringing the creative powers to the stage of implementation. It is also known as a stone of commitment- to purpose, to others, and to oneself, and reflects the attributes of devotion, bringing the love of others to expressions of warmth and understanding. Garnet reminds us that to surrender to discontinuity brings freshness to ones life. It initiates the remembrance that all life is interconnected and springs from the same source. Seeing the divine in all creation, and re-experiencing the limitless nurturing and provision of the universe are two more "side-effects" of garnet. The rich colors of garnet remind us of the abundance, prosperity, and plenty that the Earth Mother offers to us, if we will open ourselves to receiving them. The Universe is an unlimited resource of energy, supplying you with whatever you need. Garnet is calling you to remember your own worth. It is reminding you that you are an unlimited child of the creative source. Whatever you ask, you shall receive. 65mm

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