Ajoite-Shattuckite-Chrysocolla in Quartz Tumbled~ TUMAJSCQ

$ 5.00

Ajoite-Shattuckite-Chrysocolla in Quartz Tumbled~ TUMAJSCQ.  Ajoite-Shattuckite-Chrysocolla in Quartz is connected to the heart of Mother Earth herself, emanates one of the most nurturing, gentle and loving energies of any mineral, a “stone of the angels”, can assist in calming an overactive thought process, a stone of reconciliation and renewal, aiding one in being at peace and contentment with oneself and partners, used to channel information, removes hypnotic commands and edicts against using psychic vision and reverses destructive emotional programming, can clear past-life curses, assists in owning the power of our own words, purifies the energy of the home, reverses destructive emotional programming, helpful for overcoming phobias. One (1) Tumbled  Ajoite-Shattuckite-Chrysocolla in Quartz. Avg. size 37mm x 24mm x 14mm

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