Agni Manitite Tektites~CRAMTEKI

$ 3.00

Agni Manitite Tektites~CRAMTEKI. Agni Manitite, also known on the market as Pearl of Fire, is a tektite found on the island of Java, Indonesia. The color ranges from a dark charcoal grey-black to a smoky translucent color. Its name is derived from the ancient Sanskrit term “agni mani”, meaning “pearl of the divine fire”. These tektites were formed when a meteorite crash landed over the Indonesian archipelago. This resulted in the heating of the surface that was enough to liquidize it, thus giving Mother Earth a mineral from out of this world. Agni Manitite Tektite resonates directly with the solar plexus chakra, activating it and engaging it to “warp speed”, It encourages 'Ah ha' moments and is the stone for the innovator unlocking answers we may not have even been looking for. It helps direct your own personal will to that which truly brings happiness and joy into your life. It pushes one's leadership values to the next level and helps you to slowly bring your own community together on a mission of peace, light, and self enlightenment. One (1) Agni Manitite Tektite. Avg. size 38mm x 31mm x 21mm

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