African Bloodstone Generator~CRABSG03

$ 13.00

African Bloodstone Generator~CRABSG03. Bloodstone is an intense healing stone and a "stone of courage". It helps one to accept the change in energy fields, and to recognize the beneficial aspects of turmoil prior to perfection. It also provides one with the centering and grounding of the heart, and is conducive to balancing the total body in order to overcome any distress and anxiety which is associated with the re-alignment of the energies. The message of bloodstone is to "be here now". It provides for the revitalization of love, relationships, and friendships. It is said to improve ones talents and abilities, to enhance creative efforts, to support decision making processes, and to provide for insight into the immediate spiritual intuition of truths which transcend ordinary understanding. True courage is the strength of mind and spirit needed to take the action dictated to you by your heart. This is the path of the spiritual warrior, to act upon your inner guidance. 90mm X 22mm X 19mm

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