Amazonite Sea Turtle Carving~CRAMSEAT

$ 66.00

Amazonite Sea Turtle Carving~CRAMSEAT. Amazonite is a stone of personal truth, communicating this truth, and in setting the boundaries to maintain this truth. It opens and clears the throat chakra, empowering us in manifesting our dreams, desires, and intentions  through the power of the spoken word. From this centered-self (rather than self-centered) place, we can have the confidence to identify, acknowledge, own, and share our gifts and talents with the world. Sea Turtle energy, or medicine, can assist us in getting comfortable in the waters of our own emotions. They remind us of the peace that results from going with the flow. It teaches us how to use the protection available to us, to go within, to go away, or to give a warning snap if necessary. They symbolize success through perseverance, creativity, a smoother path, and our ability to “walk in two worlds”. 107mm x 72mm x 30mm

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