Tinghshas- Eight Auspicious Symbols Small SHTSEASM

$ 26.00

Tingshas, or Tibetan Chimes or Cymbals are used traditionally in meditation, prayer, and rituals in Tibetan Buddhism. When struck together, they create a beautiful ringing bell tone. They are also used for clearing spaces, clearing crystals, clearing the aura, for meditation, sound healing and in music. The Eight Auspicious Symbols are 1. The Right-coiled White Conch Shell (call to awakening), 2. The Precious Parasol (protection), 3. Victory Banner (represents the victory of the Buddha’s teachings over death, ignorance, disharmony and negativity), 4. Golden Fishes (happiness and fearlessness), 5. Dharma Wheel (Noble Eightfold Path), 6. Endless Knot (Inter-connectedness, karma, infinite wisdom), 7. Lotus Flower (purififcation of body, speech, mind) 8. Treasure Vase (long life, wealth, prosperity) SHTSEASM

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