White Sage~Loose- RWSAGELB

$ 4.95

One (1) bag Loose White Sage- RWSAGELB. The traditional, familiar, and much loved sage aroma. Sage is used to “clear out that which is not necessary”, to clear dense or negative energies. Always use utmost caution when burning! Never leave burning items unattended. Just snuff out when done. Historically, Native Americans used locally found herbs to cleanse themselves and their living space. In modern times, we continue to use these time tested methods. Have you ever experienced an air of lingering negative feelings or an unclean or “heavy” atmosphere in some area of your living space? Have you ever felt uncomfortable or dense energy moving into a new home? Burning of sacred herbs, or Smudging, can clear these energies. They are often burned in an Abalone shell, and the smoke is fanned with a feather or smudge wand. The shell represents the Feminine, the feather represents the Masculine, the herbs represent the prayer, and the fire represents the breathe of the Creator. The smoke is gently fanned over oneself, someone else, or around the environment. *Aromatherapy products cannot be returned.

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