Hanuman Figurine~Turquoise-CTFIGHAN

$ 22.00

Chalk Turquoise Hanuman Figurine~CTFIGHAN. Hanuman, the Hindu monkey god, is one of the most celebrated and worshipped figures in Indian religion. As the son of Shiva and a monkey, Hanuman is variously described as spirited, restless, energetic and inquisitive.  One point all the major texts agree on is his mischievous nature. Hanuman, the great monkey God of the Ramayana is a symbol of the mind that has become disciplined and filled with devotion. Hanuman is the evolved state of our unruly monkey mind that constantly jumps from thought to thought. This mind is fully focused on the presence of the Divine Self, the Lord of Life within the heart. 39mm x 31mm x 11mm

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