Lodolite Quartz "Dragon" Cabochon~CRLQZDN1

$ 40.00

Etched Lodolite Quartz "Dragon" Cabochon~CRLQZDN1. Dragons have to do with fortitude, courage, strength and magic! The dragon totem brings magic and balance into your life. When the dragon spirit guide comes into your life, it wants you to get in touch with your psychic nature. Lodolite quartz is clear quartz with inclusions of chlorite, calcite, hematite and/or limonite. It is an energy amplifier and transmitter. It is said to bring the energy of the stars into the soul. It is known for its clarity, healing, grounding, and connection to Earth Spirits and energies, reminding one to "lie down in green pastures" and enjoy this "garden of Eden".  It can bring stability and comfort to ones life. It is a stone of strength, purity, virility and vitality, bringing enjoyment and enlightenment to our physical experience. Great for wire wrapping! 52mm  x 26mm x 16mm

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