Rainforest Rhyolite "Diamond"~CRRNFRD1

$ 17.00

Rainforest Rhyolite "Diamond"-Australia~CRRNFRD1. Rainforest Rhyolite is volcanic in origin, and is said to assist one through times of transition, helping one find innovative solutions and make confident decisions for the completion of one’s goals. It is also said to assist one in resolving issues from one’s past, and in “finding the words” to do so. It helps narrow your focus to what's really important; following your bliss, it reminds us that achieving a state of bliss is about perspective-you are what you think about, considered a stone of creativity at our deepest level, bringing our limitless potential and talents to the surface. It is thought to bring comfort, clarity, and protection during the process of resolving past issues. It is said to help us remain grounded and rooted in meditative practices. It is said to be an ally for connecting to the natural world, the animals, plants, and nature spirits. 100mm x 65mm x 15mm                                         Stand sold separately. https://www.earthspeak.net/search?q=zodiac+stand

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