Seven Metals: Singing Bowls Of Tibet (CD) Benjamin Iobst

$ 20.00

Seven Metals: Singing Bowls Of Tibet (CD) Benjamin Iobst. The profoundly relaxing harmonics of 25 rare Tibetan singing bowls gently draw your mind toward a quiet peaceful place. The pure sounds allow a respite from the cares of the day and create a calming atmosphere that enhances massage, yoga, or any healing modality. "An extraordinary recording by a master of this tradition." --Jonathan Goldman, author of Healing Sounds "Seven Metals is a sound adventure for the spirit." --Don Campbell, author of The Mozart Effect. "Some years ago Tibetan singing bowls got into my blood and, while exploring their sound wave phenomena, it occurred to me to see what effect they might have on my bodywork clients. The most typical response . . . was that the bowls brought their focus so much into the present moment that it was difficult or impossible to be distracted by intruding thoughts or worries. This recording features 25 singing bowls from Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan, recorded and reproduced as accurately as possible."--Benjamin Iobst

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