Ancient Blend Frankincense & Myrrh Incense~IFSABFRM

$ 15.95

Fred Soll's Ancient Blend Frankincense & Myrrh Incense~IFSABFRM. Ancient Blend Frankincense & Myrrh Incense is a gift of an ancient offering, an earthy blend of pure resins that are sure to please the connoisseur, enjoy this divine aroma. Frankincense resin is obtained from the leafy forest tree – Boswellia Thurifera.  The trees grow on the coast of Somali (Arabia) without soil, but out of polished rocks.  They attach themselves to the rocks with a thick oval mass of substances resembling a mixture of lime and mortar.  The young trees furnish the most valuable gum. Frankincense is known for its stimulating qualities. Myrrh bushes yielding the Myrrh resin grow no higher than 9 feet.  They are sturdy with knotted branches and branchlets that stand out at right angles, ending in a sharp spine.  The plant was fist discovered in Ghizan on the Red Sea coast.  This district is so bare and dry that it is called “Tehama” meaning “Hell”. Myrrh is used as an astringent and for healing as a tonic and stimulant. Always use utmost caution when burning! Never leave burning items unattended. *Aromatherapy products cannot be returned. All Natural plant and tree resins, herbs, powders, and oils are used to produce this high quality incense.  Fred Soll’s resin incense is handmade, hand dipped and dried in Tijeras, New Mexico. Natural Pinon resins harvested in the forests of New Mexico provide the natural base to bond nature’s ingredients to the incense sticks. Always use utmost caution when burning! Never leave burning items unattended. 10 Sticks.

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